Step Path & Drive Lights


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Nitelux produces two different 12volt LED IP68 step and path lights, with an accompanying 12volt LED IP65 dome light to offer a complete garden and driveway solution.

  • Driveway Front Black

    3 Watt Step light black

    Product Code: NL-3W-BS
    £60.00 ex VAT
  • 3 Watt Step light stainless steel

    Product code: NL-3W-SS
    £60.00 ex VAT
  • 4 Watt Surface Drive Light Black

    Product Code: NL-4W-DL-S

    £65.00 ex VAT
  • 4 Watt Dome Light

    Product Code: NL-4W-DL

    £70.00 ex VAT
  • 2-watt vertical eyelid step light

    Product Code: NL-EL-2W
    £70.00 ex VAT
  • 2 watt Twig light

    Product Code: NL-TL-2W
    £70.00 ex VAT
  • Horizontal StepLight Front

    2-watt horizontal step light

    Product Code: NL-2W-1FV
    £70.00 ex VAT
  • 3 Watt Surface Drive Light Stainless Steel

    Product code: NL-3W-DL-S-SS
    £70.00 ex VAT
  • 3W Angled Path Light

    Product Code: NL-3W-FBL
    £70.00 ex VAT
  • Sold out

    6 Watt Eyelid Step Light

    Product Code: NL-EL-6W
    £85.00 ex VAT
  • 9 watt Bollard Light

    Product code: NL-BL-9W
    £95.00 ex VAT
  • 5 Watt Step Path & Drive Light

    Product Code: NL-5W-1FV
    £120.00 ex VAT