Below are some of the most asked questions from our customers:

Why Nitelux

NiteLux was born on the back of 10years experience as garden lighting design and installation engineers. We worked closely with the manufacturing and design departments to ensure the finished product satisfied every one of our original 20 point tick list. Every fitting and accessory was then tested by us in the field under the most severe conditions over many months.

This developed into a well balanced range of fittings, complimented  with their own range of mounting options, linkable cable sets, accessories and transformers. NiteLux uses the Cree and Samsung chip set both are market-leaders and  innovators of High Brightness Indication LEDs, lighting-class LEDs, and LED lighting.

Do you have you a brochure?

Yes, we have an online brochure you can view and print here.

Is NiteLux solar powered?

No – Nitelux uses transformers with a 12volt A output

Why do you use none replaceable LED lamps?

Led because they are energy efficient consuming 90% less energy than standard lamps, they have an extremely long lifespan and are cool to touch.

We have the lamps built in at the factory to ensure the quality control of the product we can also use a Cree branded chip giving longer life and true colour definition

We can also guarantee the IP rating of the product

What is an IP rating?

This stands for Ingress Protection and is defined by various standards EN 60529 (British BS EN 60529:1992, European IEC 60509:1989).

Our products rated at IP65 using the chart above shows the fitting is Protected from total dust ingress and Protected from low water jest from any direction

Our products rated at IP67 using the chart above shows the fitting is Protected from total dust ingress and Protected from immersion between 12cm and 1m in depth

Our products rated at IP68 using the chart above shows the fitting is Protected from total dust ingress and Protected from long-term immersion up to a specified pressure generally 3m in depth

What type of socket can I plug the NiteLux transformers into?

If inside the property, then standard UK 13amp socket out will do ensuring that the circuit is protected up to the current set of I.E.E regulations (advice from an electrician is recommended)

If outside the property, then an IP65 exterior grade waterproof socket is required. This is a socket that when the 13amp plug is inserted the lid of the socket can still be closed and achieve its rating of IP65.An RCD protected socket may have to be fitted depending on your installation (advice from an electrician is recommended)

What is a transformer?

A transformer is an electrical box that takes the UK standard 230v AC (Alternating Current) and reduces or ‘transforms the electricity into safe 12v AC (Alternating Current).

Can I lay the 12volt cable straight into my patio or drive base before the top surface is laid?

Yes, but highly recommend the pacing of the 12volt wiring in either PVC conduit or PVC flexible conduit to give the cable mechanical protection against accidental damage

Can I lay 12volt cabling into my lawn?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to do so but we recommend a depth of at least 100mm, this can be achieved by using a spade to create a V shape inserting the cable then compressing the turf edges back together. Or laying the cable 50mm below the surface of prepared soil before laying the turf.

Do I need an electrician to install the NiteLux products?

No-being 12volt there is no need for an electrician the entire range is designed to be simply plugged together, we call it a professional linkable lighting system.

Do professional installers use this product?

Yes, the NiteLux range was designed and adapted by a professional garden lighting installation company for use by their own engineers.

Is plug and play reliable?

Plug and play isn’t a word we like to use as it does conjure up the wrong impression. We like to call it a linkable lighting system. NiteLux uses a very robust male and female adapter with metal parts and rubber o rings to give it an IP68 rating. Not to be confused with cheaper plastic IP44 connectors that can be found on the market

Can I get help or advice with what I need?

Yes, we offer a direct line to 1 of our own installation engineers who all have over 5 years’ experience fitting the NiteLux range. All are qualified electricians and can give advice on any aspect of your works.

Is 12volt safe?

Yes very, its deemed as ELV extra low voltage which is AC voltage not exceeding 50volt.

Nitelux transformers give an output of approx. 12volts.It can tolerate extremely wet conditions.

What is so special about the NiteLux range?

NiteLux as far as we know is the only company that produces an entire lighting system based around 12volt constant voltage that gives you the ability to fit lights from 0.3watts up to 55watts all within the same range. Meaning you’re not mixing and matching various components from different suppliers and manufactures.

What is meant by 12volt constant voltage?

This means the voltage within the system is constant, the current varies depending on the length of run.

Constant current means the current is constant and the voltage varies.

What is the advantage of constant voltage over constant current

All constant current lighting needs to be wired in series with electronic drivers that give a constant current output. The drivers can come in various outputs ie 350ma 500ma 700ma making it inconvenient for professional installers. With series wired lighting if 1 light fails the entire string of lights can all go out which is very inconvenient and time-consuming to fault find.

With NiteLux all our lighting is parallel constant voltage wired meaning if 1 light fails for whatever reason then only that light will go out leaving the rest of the string working.

How quickly will I get my order?

If you submit your order by 12am then you will receive your order the following day.

What happens if I over order or wish to return items?

If the item is un damaged and un used we will refund the cost of the product, we do need to inspect the items so please give us a few days you will then see the credit back in your account.

What happens about a faulty product?

We will give you a free postage sticker to apply to the item which you can download and print out, once we have it we need to make sure it hasn’t been damaged or misused-we can then issue full refund.

Can I add to an order once it’s been processed?

Unfortunately not, our fulfillment company will have had the order sent to them and the picking process will have been started, you will need to do another order.

Can I wire the lights directly into a switch rather than use the NiteLux timed photo cell?

Yes, simply remove the 13amp plug and wire direct to the switch or junction box adhering to the current set of I.E.E regulations – Using an electrician to do this is advised.