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About NiteLux


With 10 years’ experience as garden lighting design and installation engineers, Nitelux’s founder Paul Naylor tried many outdoor lighting products.

He used to get frustrated having to contact multiple lighting suppliers for different types of lights , mounting options, drivers and transformers, Then when they do arrive, they’re often difficult to install increasing the time you spend on a job.

That’s where Nitelux was born.


Another core focus was crafting Part P exempt products. All Nitelux outdoor lights are Part P exempt, so landscapers and avid DIYers can also install the range. These use professional grade metal threaded  IP68 connectors.

Next came development. Focused on creating a seamless and complete solution for garden lighting, Paul curated a defined range of products.  From spotlights, uplights, path lights, step lights through to floodlights, all products use a warm white light that create a beautiful atmosphere in any scheme and use the same parallel wired constant voltage wiring for complete continuity.


On average, you can save 80% to 90% of your running costs on any lighting installation by choosing LED over conventional lamp types. With this in mind, Nitelux developed all its products using the latest LED technology using branded led chip sets so you and your customers can have effective low cost lighting …which gives you the ability to view your garden for longer it’s also a great aid to security

After development, Nitelux was put to the test, installed by our own engineers for over 3 years. Click here to view our complete range of lighting.

Nitelux Outdoor Garden Lighting


Everything Nitelux product is easy to install but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our installation team on site for expert technical support.

Do you need help with the installation? Contact us here.